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For Students

Ph.D. Applicants

If you are interested in doing a PhD at NC State, feel free to email me or list me as an “interested” faculty member on your application.

I typically only respond to emails if they discuss why students are interested in working with me specifically. The easiest way to do this is to look at my recent publications and suggest what you find interesting about one or more of them.

Ph.D. Students

If you are a current NC State PhD student looking for an advisor, look at my prior and current projects, identify the ones that seem the most interesting, and let me know in an email. We can discuss research as part of a course or an independent study.

Master’s Students

If you are interested in doing research with me, I recommend you take a class with me (or CSC 574 with one of my colleagues, and take the research option with me).

MS students do not need prior research experience, but I prefer to work with students interested in a thesis.

I do not have TA or GRA funding for MS students who have not worked with me previously.

Undergraduate Students

I often have paid opportunities for undergraduates to work with me on cutting-edge security research during the summer and school year.

The most important criteria for success is sincere interest and motivation, and the only prior experience required is to finish CSC 230 or equivalent. I ask students to make a commitment of at least 10 hours/week.

If you’re interested in network or application security research, email me. Students from under-represented groups are especially encouraged to apply.

Graders and Teaching Assistants

I usually have paid opportunities for hourly graders during the school year. If you’ve taken the course I am teaching in the coming semester, contact me for details. I do not hire MS students as GTAs.

For Industry

As a researcher dedicated to real-world impact, I love working with industry. There are lots of ways of working with me (some of them free for you!) These include:


Tell me about a new/hard problem you don’t think the academy or industry is doing right.


Share data to answer questions of mutual interest. My group has experience securely managing highly sensitive data under confidential data agreements.

Hire My Students

I get work with some of the brightest folks in security… for a very short period of time before they graduate. My loss can be your gain.

If you are looking for ridiculously talented engineers and researchers for internships or full-time positions, from undergrads to Ph.D.s, let me know.

Tech Transfer

Contact me to license my existing IP or discuss transitioning research protoypes to practice.

Commission Research

You can engage my group to conduct work in an area of mutual interest through a research contract (pre-agreed upon deliverables) or an unrestricted gift (no mandated deliverables, but may be tax deductible). Contact me for details.


I am occasionally available to provide consulting and training in areas of my expertise, which include secure communications, security measurement of applications and networking, application auditing, and telecommunications fraud and security. Contact me for details.